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Millbrook, NY
Low Vision

Low vision is a term eye doctors use to describe significant visual impairment that cannot be corrected with standard eyeglasses, contact lenses, medicine or surgery.

There are a variety of causes that include eye injury, disease or heredity.

Many low vision devices and strategies exist to help one overcome vision impairment and live independently.

Good lighting is essential. Natural sunlight during the day is best. A person with low vision should sit near a window during the day for reading. Artificial light should be provided ideally by “full spectrum” incandescent or halogen bulbs for reading. Three way lamps that can be decreased or increased to 150W for reading are the most convenient. Avoid the harsh glare of fluorescent lighting.

Simple devices such as hand held magnifiers, large print books, large felt tip pens for note taking and special telephones to special eyeglasses and sophisticated video computer magnifiers prove helpful and can make reading easier.

Whether the device requires a prescription or not your should consult your eye doctor as he or she can advise you as to what will work best for you.