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Millbrook, NY
Computer Users

As computer use grows more individuals are experiencing symptoms of computer-related eyestrain and or neck and shoulder pain.

When you work at a computer for any length of time you may experience fatigue due to the unique visual demands of a computer.

Reducing the amount of glare and reflected light with an anti-reflective coating applied to your glasses can be helpful. If your work area has fluorescent lights an ultraviolet coating or amber tint are options.

It is important to place your monitor directly in front of you about 20-26 inches away. Make sure your monitor is neither too high nor too low. The center of the screen should be 4-9 inches below your straight ahead gaze. You may need to place it on a riser or lower your chair. Your arms should be parallel to the floor when you type and feet should be flat on the floor.

Good posture and positioning keeping your back straight and shoulders back will help get you off to a good start. Be sure that the lighting is correct and there is no excess glare on the screen. 

If you are experiencing eyestrain you may require prescription glasses whether you currently wear glasses or are a first time wearer the time you spend on a computer may dictate a special prescription. 

Various lens designs specific for computer use coupled with the correct position in front of the computer can solve the problems one experiences with computer use.